Hire Canada’s top piano movers at All Star Van Lines!

Do you have a move coming up? Do you have a piano that you need to be moved as well? Whether you are moving a studio sized upright piano or a concert grand, hiring the right pro for the job is critical. Don’t just use any moving company to assist you with this job, hire All Star’s top piano movers to move your piano. All Star Van Lines can move your piano professionally whether you are moving it to a home, condo, or apartment.

Moving a piano is not the same process as moving a heavy bookshelf. Pianos require special attention and care when being transported.  When choosing piano movers, be sure to do your research. Ask piano moving coordinators questions in order to understand what kind of service they provide. On move day, make sure that your piano movers have the proper equipment such as a piano skid, blanket padding, shrink wrap, a dolly, and tools as well.

If you have a piano, whether it be on the lower scale or higher-end, always ensure your piano movers have insurance. Pianos are usually the center of a home and are precious, ensuring that your moving company has insurance to cover the costs of any damages is crucial. All Star Van Lines is fully insured and all piano move quotes include the cost of insurance.

All Star Van Lines offers professional piano moving services in Toronto and Canada-wide. We are a full service piano moving company. Hire your expert piano movers Toronto today!

Moving and Storage Solutions during Home Remodeling

moving and storage in Toronto

Moving and Storage Solutions during Home Remodeling

Are you planning to do some remodeling in your home? Do you need to change the flooring? You’re probably going to ask yourself where you would put all those storage containers from the basement and where you would keep all the furniture that would be in the way. All Star Van Lines has all the moving and storage solutions Toronto for you. There are a couple solutions and both of them are good ones.

 1) Rent a Pod

If you are moving in Toronto or the GTA and you need a few weeks or even a couple months to redo your floors, remodel your basement/home, or do any type of work around the home, a pod can be your best solution. There are many POD rental companies in Toronto, here are a few:

Web Pods – PODS 

PUPS Portable Storage – https://goo.gl/bdExFa

Cubeit – https://www.cubeit.ca/locations/toronto/

All Star Van Lines can assist you in ensuring your belongings are safe and properly stored in the pod. Your movers will blanket pad everything and professionally pack the pod. When you are ready to have your belongings moved back in, you can hire the same number of movers or even one less as unloading is always done in less time than loading does. All Star Van Lines has the best Toronto movers for your pod move.

2) Store with your moving company – Moving and Storage Solutions Toronto

In some cases, renting a pod is not an option; whether it be due to not having space for a pod on site, or not being able to rent a pod in general. Not to worry, All Star Van Lines offers short-term week-to-week storage solutions. All Star Van Lines offers, affordable, safe, clean, and cheap storage in Toronto and The GTA. We can assess the details of your move, connect you with the right number of movers, provide you an accurate quotation, and complete the move for you. Our storage in Toronto is climate-controlled, fenced, and has camera surveillance. We charge on a weekly basis and will not increase your rate based on duration of stay. If you need storage in Toronto, call All Star Van Lines to provide you with a free quote today!