How to Save Money on Your Move Day! 

How to Save Money on Your Move Day!

Often there is a big misconception with how much professional and reliable movers cost. This mistaken belief leads people into doing the move themselves. We all know that moving is stressful, packing takes a lot of time, renting a truck may not be so easy if you’re moving at the beginning or end of the month, and finding friends who will help you move your 4 bedroom house can be challenging too. This is why, All Star Van Lines will provide you with some tips on how to have an affordable move!

1. Right movers, better price

When hiring movers, it is important to do your research! Be sure to call a few reputable moving companies. Ask if they have any discounts for students, veterans, teachers, police officers, seniors, etc. hopefully one of them will pertain to you. In some cases, movers have lower rates on certain days of the month, if you are flexible, inquire! Choose the best company with reasonable pricing!

2. Packing

Packing materials can cost a lot of money, especially if you are moving your home. Depending on the amount of stuff you have to pack and the number of people living in the household, packing costs vary. Ask your moving company Toronto if they provide any boxes free of charge, if not ask them for box pricing. Do your research first, inquire for prices of boxes at places like U-Haul , Home Depot   , and Costco.

All Star Van Lines has affordable pricing options for boxes, we offer new and used boxes. Bubble wrap and shrink wrap are moving essentials, especially if you have any delicate items or expensive furniture. Pack economically, and we have the guidelines and all you need to know on how to do so here. If you pack a majority on your own, you will save a lot of money. However, if you need extra help packing, All Star Van Lines has expert packers. We can help you the day before to finish packing anything last minute.

3. DIY (Do it yourself)

There are a lot of things you can do yourself  before, during, and after your move. One aspect of your move that can take the movers quite some time to do is furniture disassembly and reassembly. If you have spare time the upcoming days before your move, try your best to take the furniture apart yourself. You would be surprised how long this can actually take.  Ask your movers to help you put the beds back together at your new home, this will ensure a stress-free transition. Another thing you can do is move the furniture and boxes to the hallways and door entries. This will allow the movers to quickly wrap everything and load it in the truck.


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