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Moving During the Winter Time? All Star Van Lines has the Tips!

              Is your moving day coming up? Is the weather forecast calling for snow or freezing rain? Chances are, if you were born in Canada or have lived here for some time, you know the struggle of Canadian winters. If this is the case, please contact your selected Toronto moving company to see if you can reschedule. However, please keep in mind that rescheduling last minute is very difficult and chances are, it may not happen. Below, we will let you in on how to handle moving during a Canadian winter

1. Choose the right Toronto moving company

             In the moving industry, there are the legit moving companies and the not so legit ones. If you are planning a move in the winter, be sure to ask all moving coordinators how their team prepares for winter weather conditions. Firstly, your moving company should have clean floor runners along with shovels just in case. Ask companies how they protect your furniture as it may go through rain or snowy weather. Ask about their insurance policy as trucking accidents are more likely in winter conditions. All Star Van Lines uses double layers of blankets and shrink wrap on furniture to ensure the protection of your belongings.

2. Packing Tips and move day prep

For your winter move, be sure to ask your moving company for advice on how to pack and get ready for the big day. In the meantime, I will list a few ideas on how to pack and prepare for a winter move:

  • Use as many bins as possible to avoid using cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard boxes are more likely to collapse with water, ask your movers to wrap the boxes in shrink wrap and blanket padding as well
  • Salt your stairs and driveways to avoid any slips which can be harmful to your furniture, yourself, and the movers.

3. Relax….

Choose All Star Van Lines to help with all your moving needs this winter! We are trained professionals that know how important your belongings are to you. From the very first call, to letting you know we are 10 minutes away, to the very last box unloaded, we will be there for you! When the move is complete, be sure to take a new selfie and hashtag “All Star Van Lines” or “winter move complete!”

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