If you are moving soon, here’s why an in-home estimate is essential!

Did you just sell your home? Are you signing a new lease? Will this be your first time moving? If the answer is yes, you should inquire about receiving a home estimate. First and foremost, the first thing you should do is find a few moving companies to call. Ask all of them if they offer home estimates in your area. Don’t let a moving coordinator fool you, there are moving companies that will in fact come to your home and for FREE.

Whether you are moving from a 1 bedroom apartment in Toronto or from a 5000 square foot home, you are eligible. Ask your moving coordinators for moving averages as well based on the size of your residence, they should have this information handy. Stay away from moving companies that reject your request to do a home estimate without valid reason. If you are flexible with timing, there is never an excuse!

An expert should arrive at your door with the company logo that can be found somewhere on an article of clothing. All Star Van Lines has dedicated professionals conduct all home estimates. During the home estimate, you should always indicate if something will not be present during the move; this is to ensure a more accurate quotation. Be sure to let the expert(s) view all contents to get a better understanding.

It is 1000% okay to ask the coordinator when to expect your emailed quotation; 1-3 days after your estimate is standard. According to Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act, “the mover cannot charge you more than 10% above the estimate in your contract unless you need additional supplies or services and agree to an increase.” Click Here for more information.

Compare your quotations from the list of companies you have chosen. Chances are if you have selected three reputable moving companies, then you should receive three similar quotations when it comes to how long your move will take. Use your best judgement to select one using reviews, opinions, and research.

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