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Moving Tips and Guidelines for a smooth-move during the Winter Holidays

Here we are, the winter holidays have arrived! Even the thought of the holidays automatically put people in panic mode, don’t worry, All Star Van Lines can help! The idea of having to do so many things at once during this time of year can be tough. Whether you have exams going on, traveling to see family, celebrations to plan, or you’re planning the big move, everyone has a lot going on during this time of year. If you are moving during the holidays because you bought a new home, signed a lease, or even got a new job in another province, All Star Van Lines can help you with some helpful moving tips to create a stress-free move during the winter holidays.


Take that agenda or calendar out that you probably haven’t used in a while and take some time to plan your move. Start by deciding the week you are looking to have everything moved out by. Choose a week and look at the weather, it is best to choose a week that has a lower percentage of rain or snow for the week. Talk to family members or roommates and/or anyone that is involved in your move should be aware of your planning.  Now that you have everyone that is involved together, establish a budget for your move. When you can, choose your moving and packing date as well as arrangements for the night before your move day.


     If you are looking for “moving company in Toronto”, searching that on Google and simply calling them all would not be ideal. Rather, search, “reputable moving companies in Toronto”; search for companies that have reviews with a good rating, give those companies a call. Narrowing your search based on the moving company’s reputation, cost, location, and services they can provide is best. Speak to a qualified moving specialist and coordinator to receive recommendations based on the size of your move.

Get Packing Materials

Inspect each room of your move and do your best to guess the number of boxes needed per room. If you are unsure of how to do this or would prefer a more accurate estimate, schedule a free moving estimate from All Star Van Lines. Remember that boxes are not the only thing you need to pack, check for any glass, mirrors, marble, or important delicates; these fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Purchase many boxes in various sizes that coordinate with what is going in them. Refer to our moving guidelines page for more help on how to pack your boxes.

Schedule your move with All Star Van Lines

If you’re looking for the right moving experts during the winter holidays, hire All Star Van Lines. We will help you with all planning and organizing for your move to be stress-free during the holidays. Our experienced movers will help you move from Toronto to Vancouver or move within The GTA. Contact us to assist you in your upcoming move!

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